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EFT in the News

EFT in the News

First for Women: The Tapping Technique:
Research at Harvard Medical School Reveals a Revolutionary Approach to Conquering Stress, Depression, and More...

O: The Oprah Magazine: Psychological Acupuncture

The Times: Move Over Freud  Energy Therapies May Be Just As Effective

;feature=related" target="_blank">Larry King Live: Energy Psychology: Profound Breakthroughs in Healing

The Telegraph: Tapping Therapy: Curing Physical and Mental Problems

Washington Post: Years Later, Healing the Wounds of a Stepfather's Abuse

Channel 10 TV News Australia: EFT Food Cravings Study Successful

CBS-TV Miami: Tapping Away Anxiety & Stress

WPRI: Tapping Therapy May Relieve Anxiety

Associated Press/Arizona Star: Tapping Method Touted to Treat PTSD

Channel 5 Live UK: EFT for a Spider Phobia

CommonHealth: Therapy Used for Trauma, Chronic Pain Snubbed by Establishment

The Edinburgh Evening News: Tapping Into the Latest Method of Healing

" target="_blank">The View: Whoopi Goldberg gets Tapped for her Fear of Flying

Press Telegram: Holistic Methods Offer Alternative Approach for Some Allergy Sufferers








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