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Fast Track Technique

Fast Track Technique (Healing with Magnets)

  • Do you feel that life is not as fulfilling as it should or could be?
  • Is there a certain aspect holding you back from your happy and healthy full potential?
  • Perhaps your weight is an ongoing struggle either because you are an emotional eater or unwanted pounds stem from a hidden issue?
  • Is alcohol or nicotine your crutch?  Or do you have another craving that is just too strong to resist?
  • Maybe you experience relationship difficulties or are unable to figure out why others seem to find the love of their life while you are still searching?
  • Or perhaps your finances or career path are not as abundant as they could be. You fear success, feel stuck as to what direction you should take, or feel undeserving of your dreams?
  • Do you want results NOW?
  • There are numerous therapies that address these issues but none so fast, effective and permanent as Fast Track Technique.

Fast Track Technique Explained

For many of us there is a belief that success should be hard work, time consuming and arduous.  Fast Track Technique proves otherwise, and its creator Jaz Goven has helped hundreds of clients address a broad range of issues and problems that are holding them back in life, thanks to this streamlined system.

Since I've personally done this healing course with Jaz  I've been able to help many people heal from current or past major issues during one single session. There's an immediate release of trapped emotions due to the use of the Emotion Code created by Dr. Bradley Nelson that is perceivable instantly.

Fast Track Technique is the culmination of years of training and exploration, expertise and experience in holistic wellbeing practices.  The result is a unique system which combines the most efficient modes of therapy that Jaz has identified with an optimum “end goal” focus.  This targeted approach optimises the various therapy modalities according to each client’s needs, and provides the most effective and direct access to a balanced outcome.

Fast Track Technique utilizes the best and most powerful aspects of several known and respected therapies which bring about immediate change in any area of your life where this is applied.

A Fast Track Technique session begins by honing in on what you wish to achieve in life now. By focusing on the positive outcome as opposed to negative issues, there is no need for a client to describe painful or upsetting situations which created the imbalance.  Once the positive “big picture” is defined, Fast Track Technique then brings this vision into reality using Dr. Bradley Nelson's Emotion Code.

Fast Track Technique connects the subconscious and conscious minds to open up and align communication between past, present and future.  It uses muscle testing to locate the root of an issue and magnets to remove trapped emotions and blockages, and helps to reconsider existing beliefs by tapping into the nervous system.

After outlining your issue and determining your desired outcome Jaztrih working with your sub-conscious mind and Fast Track Technique are able to discover the ‘root cause’ of your particular issue. The event or trauma which is responsible for your issue is recorded in your body in the form of a trapped emotion.

Fast Track Technique is also able to tell you when, where and quite often who was involved. Once these details have been ascertained your sub-conscious is able then to release the event, memory or behaviour pattern from your physical body where it became trapped.  Sometimes these trapped emotions aren’t yours and you may have absorbed them from another person or possibly inherited them from a parent or a past life.

After releasing the "root cause" should there still be any possible related behaviour pattern or limiting belief connected to the issue, it can be addressed and resolved with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, if needed.)

Once you identify and focus on how you would like to experience in life, Fast Track Technique provides immediate access to that life as well as as removing any negative emotions, resonances, triggers and beliefs that no longer make part of your new life.

The results of Fast Track Technique are powerful and permanent without the need for long drawn out sessions and painful memories.

Moreover to ensure that clients hold the keys to their own transformational journey and can continue to benefit from their session, I offer workshops how to safely and effectively use Fast Track Technique at home.

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