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Feedback & Testimonials

Your feedback is important to me.

Dear Clients,

This is my new holistic healing website.

My aim is to help you to experience life in the best, healthiest way possible - physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. I always give the best of my knowledge, ability and efforts to achieve the best possible state of mind and body for you to have a calm and happy life. I'm dedicated to helping you to achieve your life goals, and to empower you to manifest your life dreams, and to live a fulfilled, healthy, happy life, free of worries, fears, or ailments.

Please give your feedback about the healing experience you had. It's very gratifying for me and helpful for others who need help and struggle to find the right caring, professional therapist. As I offer five different therapies, please specify which ones you have chosen and benefited from. I'd very much appreciate if you would contact me now and again and let me know how your lives changed after your healing experience.

Thank you in advance for your contribution :)


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#2 Heloisa Stephan 2012-06-13 22:28
Thank you Beth, this is so rewarding, am very happy for you, and am looking forward to hearing from you when you go back home and notice the differences there too. :) xx
#1 Beth 2012-06-01 16:51
I wanted to say how shocked and amazed I am by what has happened since I saw you last Tuesday for our hypnotherapy and fast track session. Below is a picture of my arm, this time last week was an inflamed rash as you know! My skin hasn't been this way for years I almost can't remember! It's not 100% but an amazing result all the same!

Shopping a couple days later, I didnt once give a thought to what anyone thought of me or if they were looking at me... This was strange as you know how insecure I am....

On way home i stopped for coffee, a man started chatting and asked me on a date..

I can't believe after years of not feeling good enough, not having a man take a second look, less than 42hours after seeing you EVERYTHING changed!

I'm just so happy xxxx


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