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Healing the Inner Child

Healing the Inner Child

"It is never too late to create a happy childhood."

Healing the Inner Child doesn't necessarily mean to heal from issues, hurt, or traumas from the childhood exclusively. The Inner Child is rather the Child in you, your Inner Self, or Higher Self. Carl Jung refers to it as the Divine Child.

This is the part of any person, which can get, or feel, hurt at any time in life, also in adulthood. It is the Child in you, which needs support, understanding, or comfort – and more often than not – action.

In Tune with your Inner Child

The Inner Child is the true YOU, the spiritual you, your ESSENCE. If this part of you is hurt, or damaged, it will be expecting that you, or the conscious part of you, will do something about it. This part of you is very understanding, very patient, but does expect you to respect and protect it, to be there to prevent it from being hurt, or to heal it. In other words, it expects that you will not let it down, or betray that part of your own Self. If this should happen, that part of you will start sending signals for you to keep a healthy connection with it.

Balance between Body - Mind - Spirit

In this aspect, any kind of self-work, even a minimal first step, is acceptable and appreciated. It's then registered as a positive sign of change. In time, this needs to be dealt with thoroughly, though. The Inner Self needs the reassurance that a conflict, or problem is dealt with, and efforts are made to keep it safe, and happy – always.

Suppressing Mechanism

Sometimes in life, through difficult experiences, we choose to suppress conflicts and leave them to be resolved later. However, sometimes we never re-visit that place again, and assume it got resolved along the way. Also, when we are very little and a trauma occurs there can be a part of us that 'fragments.' Some events can be very painful and often we shut away the memories as a self-coping mechanism to stop us from feeling further pain. The energy cannot flow freely, there are congestions in our system, a congestion of the flow of energy that often leads us to become stuck in a self-perpetuating pattern.

Also known as ‘childhood high impact moments’ they can exert a powerful influence in our lives. These childhood experiences often programme the way we live out our adult lives.

Unresolved Issues

Sometimes we carry unresolved issues from our childhood or teenage years within us without realising it. Memories – whether positive or negative ones – are stored, or suppressed and in time, we don't have access to it any more. When the Inner Child has had enough negative signals of the same kind, it starts sending you signals in form of messages to your mind, through friends, circumstances, or dreams, in an attempt to make you think about, and resolve the issue to the best of your ability to heal your own Self. When this doesn't happen for a longer period, it will start manifesting things in your life that will make you stand still and tackle it mentally, emotionally and practically speaking.

Stuck in a Pattern

For people who have no access to the information any longer, this might become difficult as they have long suppressed it and don't realise that they carry scars in their system that need healing. They carry negative energy that needs releasing. They carry regrets, hurt, guilt, etc, that need forgiving. This energy is what attract people and situations into your life.

All this works toward the person's life flow. It's a part of this person's or emotions that is blocked, or damaged. The unresolved conflicts of our childhood can follow us through life and be triggered by current adult challenges. These scars can become a source of self-sabotage in other areas of one's life. Or it can act as a buffer, it means, the person acts in a defensive or distanced way so that strong emotions cannot get in or out. The natural development of a relationship is blocked. Relationships based on this pattern lack a real chance to become strong enough to withstand the obstacles that arise in relationships.

"Having a healed, positive energy field is the foundation for attracting good, positive situations, good hearted, genuine people into your life."

People may have many wounded inner child parts of different ages that continue to run their behaviours and beliefs as adults. Commonly when these inner child parts are accessed during hypnotic regression they are fearful, angry, and sad or feel abandoned by the conscious Self.

Manifesting Ailments and Ilnesses

Core beliefs about themselves and others are formed very early in life and may be the cause of conflict. The following may indicate a need for inner child healing work:

  • Client faces some conflict or challenge that feels out of their control.
  • Constantly feels overwhelmed.
  • Experiences self-defeating behaviours.
  • Is fighting an addiction.
  • Relationships are suffering.
  • Chronic health problems.
  • Ongoing problems at work.
  • Unclear depression.
  • Unwanted, comforting eating or drinking

Returning to their childhood high impact moments and experiencing them with your adult mind, changes your interpretation of them. By changing perception of the past, the client automatically changes the own experience in the present. Professional hypnotherapy can help heal the inner child and empower the client as an adult.

"Everyone has an inner child living in his or her subconscious mind. That child is intelligent, playful, curious, spontaneous, and expressive. It is also emotionally sensitive, and very vulnerable in any age."

Many people are not aware that they habitually repeat the same negative patterns in their lives. On a conscious level they are usually completely unaware of this although the inner child part of them is very often calling to be heard, and wanting to be reintegrated back within our psyche.

Children may endure deep trauma, due to a lack of love and attention. The resulting pain is carried forward into adulthood, often resulting in the person experiencing seemingly unexplained anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

On the other hand, positive messages of encouragement and praise will have nourished the inner child and helped it form healthy self-esteem and a positive self-image. These messages are expressed in words, from parents and family friends, teachers, etc. They also are conveyed in body language via smiles and hugs.

Inner child hypnosis uses a variety of tools and techniques to access, communicate with, calm, and heal a client’s inner child. Hypnotherapy to heal the inner child creates positive changes in the adult who seeks greater self-worth and self-acceptance.

Under hypnotherapeutic guidance, regression techniques take the client back to the root cause of their problem, and allow them to find and talk to their traumatised inner child self or, if needed, re-live an event. Unless the ‘inner child’ is heard, healed, and brought back to the client with complete compassion and understanding, they will continue to suffer from distressing symptoms.

The adult is encouraged to cuddle their child part to make him or her feel completely safe. This permits the child part to fully understand that the adult part will never allow the child to suffer in this way again.

As you understand and forgive, you will be releasing negative emotions from the past and move into a much happier and brighter future, free of negative energy, and filled with new, positive, light, powerful, energy.

What actually happens behind the scenes is that due to the fact that you don't resolve that conflict, it can become a self-perpetuating pattern. You'll be attracting the same sort of experiences in life over and over again – which is part of a divine plan – to offer you opportunities to learn that lesson, forgiving, thus, breaking the pattern.

In this aspect, if you're not respectful of, loyal to, and loving towards your own Self, how can you be genuinely loving, loyal to and respectful of others?

If you have lost those conflicting memories, and emotions, there are a few alternatives to recall them, re-visit that place, and heal them from within.

I offer hypnotherapy, matrix reimprinting and fast-track techniques to help you uncover and help you heal your Self. Each one has its powerful strengths and effectiveness. It only depends on the conflict itself and the kind of therapy that you're more comfortable with. Please visit the respective pages of the other healing therapies for some more information, and I'm always open to make them more transparent to you so that you can make a choice, or can trust that I can choose the right system for you.

Hypnotherapy can help you:

  • Regress, if needed, to uncover the suppresed event with the mind of the adult.
  • Do parts therapy, if needed, in case of complex, or severe cases.
  • Find the answers as how to deal with it in the most appropriate way – what your Inner Child needs.
  • Smoothen and heal all memories.
  • Give strong tools to use in the future – NLP, suggestions, post-hypnotic suggestions or even life progression to ascertain the appropriate mental, emotional and practical attitude in the future.
  • Write a new path, and re-programm your mind.
  • Give tools and advice to forgive all involved in the easiest way in order to change your energy.
  • Correct the faulty programmes that make you attract the wrong patterns.

All this will be based on a preliminary detailed questionnaire that I use as plan of work to go through during the therapy in order to ensure a longlasting result.

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