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4-Hour Weekend Group Healing Program

Healing Program for LOVE, LOVE, and MORE LOVE and Abundance!

First hour

Detox your Mind, Forgive Yourself and Others from Past Hurt and stay positively inspired - always - and attract abundance in all aspects of your life.

1) Detox Your Mind with healing guided Meditation & Reiki around head*

This guided healing meditation will help you to:

  • Forgive yourself and others.
  • Heal and grow spiritually.
  • Raise your energy frequency.
  • Attract people with higher energy.
  • Overcome negativity.
  • Free yourself from negative conditioning.
  • Clear your mind.
  • Keep your mind on higher vibration at all times (blissful state of mind).
  • Change your mindset subconsciously.
  • Repeat this forgiving meditation whenever you can to continue the forgiving process and raising the own energy to higher levels.

2) Positive Visualisation Healing Meditation with Infinity & Reiki around head*

  • Visualise yourself releasing all the negative energies and detoxing your mind.
  • Visualise your desired outcome for life (the perfect job, your own start-up, the right partner or building a family etc.)

*Whilst you meditate I will work around your heads with Reiki energy to speed up the detoxification process of your mind.

The Reiki energy will:

  • Provide you with a stronger clarity of thoughts.
  • Help clear away energy congestions around your head.
  • Bring a stronger sense of calmness and peacefulness.
  • Enable a stronger sense of Self.
  • Raise your energy frequency and increase your potential to achieve your results sooner.

Second hour


1. Remove Self-Confidence Issues Healing Exercises

  • Work directly on your subconscious mind.
  • Identify trapped emotions that may be hindering you to experience a stronger, healthy sense of self-confidence.
  • Release these emotions with Fast-Track Magnet Therapy and Infinity Therapy.

2. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Infinity Therapy Exercises:

I like myself as I am.

Tapping on the meridian lines while using NLP and positive affirmations to increase self-confidence. EFT is the emotional version of Accupuncture. It uses the same meridian lines but with tapping instead of needles.

Contact directly your subconscious mind with the Infinity technique and heal everything that works as a barrier for you to find complete happiness.

3. Guided Self-Confidence Meditation

Third hour

Healing your Heart Wall, Positive Outlook for love

1. Removing your Heart Walls Healing Exercise

Work on your subconscious mind to identify heart walls (also hidden ones), which in a subconscious level prevent you from attracting love into your life, from loving unconditionally or embracing love in a long lasting relationship.

  • Identify the different heart walls.
  • Discover what is holding you back.
  • Unfold if you're sabotaging your own happiness or subconsciously preventing it from happening.
  • Discover the source of your unwanted patterns.
  • Release these with magnets, Infinity, NLP and EFT therapies.

Fourth hour

Programming your Self to completely opening to love, to attracting the right love, positive outcomes, and abundance.

Law of Attraction

1. The secret of Love

  • Guided Meditation to program your mind to happy, healthy love.
  • For attracting love and being in love & Reiki on heart energy centre*.

2. Visualising your goals, dreams in life, all you want in life & Infinity.

  • Visualising what you want to achieve.
  • Re-programming your mind to openness, positivity, love.
  • Re-programming your mindset to attract, welcome and embrace LOVE in all forms.

3) Powerful NLP Presentation: Programming your Mind with for the Law of Attraction for abundance in all areas of your life.

You'll learn all healing systems and will be able to use them in the future whenever you need any of them. Your energy levels will be so positive and healed that you'll be amazed at the results!

  • People will be more strongly attracted to you.
  • They will address you much more often.
  • You'll attract many more people with positive mindset.
  • You'll notice that people will sit near you and talk to you more often.
  • You'll notice that everything in your life will be easier achieved.
  • You'll attract many more positive outcomes in love, career, friendships, etc.

And you'll learn exactly how the Law of Attraction works and your mind will already be programmed to work with it!

Be happy NOW and start attracting same like-minded people and situations into your life.

Choose one option:

Powerful Healing Program Price:

£100 for four hours of intense healing.

Or £80 if you bring a friend.

Modalities to make your payment:

  1. Directly to Paypal via the right button.
  2. Via the secure payment facility on my website to Paypal or Google Wallet (right menu).
  3. Via the phone via the secure system iZettle. Please call me and we can do it together in 3 minutes.

Secure your place for the this workshop now as there's only a limited space, happiness can start Now!

Or email me for more information - address on header.

Next Powerful Healing Program Details:

Date: 11th May 2013

Time: 2 pm to 6 pm

Venue: 10 Merrion Street, Gnostic Centre, LS1 6PQ

Last Updated (Saturday, 04 May 2013 10:51)


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