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Matrix and Weight Loss

Food cravings and an inability to lose weight is often caused by unresolved, or suppressed emotional issues, whether it is related to stress, anxiety, guilt, anger, shame or even depression. This is one of the reasons wh people constantly force themselves to follow a diet or exercise program for a while, and end up relapsing into the own old behaviours, and cannot remain loyal to their resolution. For many people this is a never ending cycle that furstrates, taks the self-confidence, and in time, self esteem and depending on the number of unsucessful trials, even the self-respect.

The only natural way to move towards, and remain in your ideal weight,

is to release the unresolved unconscious issues that lead you to overeat or hold on to your excess weight.

Many people don’t lose weight because:

  • The extra weight keeps them safe and protects them from harm and/or unwelcome advances.
  • They are identified as an overweight person and simply cannot envisage themselves differently.
  • They are concerned about peoples's reactions.
  • They use food as a substitute for love or comfort or to suppress unwelcome feelings like boredom, anger, sadness, blame (self or others), guilt or shame.
  • They've lost the beliefe that it is possible for them to lose weight.
  • They don’t believe that they deserve to be at their ideal body weight.
  • They have lost weight in the past so many times and gained it back again that they’re not prepared to try again.

Healing the root of the problem
It’s important to realize that your particular reasons for being overweight can be completely unconscious, which is what makes the matrix reimprinting an invaualby effective tool to heal the source of all issues. The matrix reimprinting heals through a combination of EFT (tapping on the meridian lines) and NLP tools that enable the healing of the inner child.

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