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Smoking Cessation

Does smoking control your life? If you decide that this is the right time in your life, when you really want to stop smoking, then hypnotherapy can help themyou to stop easily – in one session.

Stopping smoking is one of the most common reasons why people consult a hypnotherapist, as more and more people hear about the high success rate of this very effective anti-smoking technique.

  • The ScienceDaily (Oct. 22, 2007) records that hospitalised patients who smoke may be more likely to quit smoking through the use of hypnotherapy than patients using other smoking cessation methods.
  • A new study has shown that smoking patients who participated in one hypnotherapy session were more likely to be non-smokers at 6 months compared with patients using nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) alone or patients who quit ‘cold turkey’.

By undergoing a session of hypnotherapy, there are three main ways in which you will benefit by becoming a happy, healthy, relaxed, confident non-smoker: you will save time, save money, and save your health. In addition, the benefits you would notice within a few weeks of giving up are:

  • Hair, skin and breath no longer smell of tobacco smoke.
  • Breathing is easier.
  • Sense of taste and smell improve.
  • Reduction in phlegm and smoker's cough.
  • Lung efficiency starts to recover to a rate similar to a non-smoker.
  • Better able to cope with physical exertion.
  • Feeling positive about yourself for having stopped.

In 1992 New Scientist Magazine published the results of an extensive clinical study on the most effective smoking cessation methods. A meta-analysis, statistically combining the results of more than 600 studies (over 72,000 individual cases) showed that single session hypnosis increased a smoker's success chance by 1000% from 6% to 60%. Here are the success rates for different smoking cessation methods:

  • 60% - Single session Hypnosis
  • 24% - Acupuncture
  • 10% - Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)
  • 6% - Willpower alone

These impressive figures are for hypnosis alone.

But how can I help you with hypnotherapy to become a non-smoker?

Whilst in a relaxed hypnotic state, your subconscious mind will be programmed to help me help you with appropriate and carefully worded suggestions tailored to your personal need according to your questionnaire.

We will investigate the source for the need for a cigarette and work on that.

At the end of the session, these suggestions will enable you to ‘see’ yourself as a non-smoker, and to become and to remain a non-smoker. They will also take into account your particular triggers and we will also replace smoking by something else that you can choose.

Anger, tension, irritability, stress are some of the symptoms suffered by people when they try to stop smoking with willpower alone, or patches or gum. Under hypnosis the client will replace these negative feelings with intense feelings of pride and satisfaction. Positive hypnotic suggestions will be placed deep in your unconscious mind so that you really do feel calmer, more confident and more relaxed on a regular basis.

The power of positive suggestion actually has the ability to help the client develop and strengthen their will and determination to succeed, and to substitute their smoking ‘habit’ with other habits that are more beneficial to them as a whole.

  • Within just 24 hours of stopping smoking, the client will start to experience positive benefits such as a drop in pulse rate, improvement to circulation in hands and feet, along with lowered blood pressure.
  • Within 1 week of stopping, the sense of smell and taste will improve – and breathing will improve.
  • Within 3 months of stopping, lung capacity will increase by one third, and the stamina will subsequently increase.

Consider this: if stopping smoking were a simple conscious decision, you would have made that decision already and would be a non-smoker. In fact it is the subconscious mind that drives the desire to smoke, usually associating times (after a nice meal), places (in the pub), and feelings (when feeling stressed), with lighting a cigarette.

Hypnosis allows you to re-write those associations quickly, so that you can make the easy transition to a healthy non-smoker pain free, without cravings or stress. This is because hypnotherapy, unlike nicotine replacement treatments (NRT), helps you to become a non-smoker without continuing to put nicotine and other chemicals into your body.

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