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Fears, Phobias, Panic Attacks

Fears / Phobias/ Panic attacks

Fears and phobias cover a wide range, which includes fear of flying, fear of rejection or failure, fear of poor performance, fear of death and of the unknown, fear of shadows, enclosed spaces, fear of blood and animals - also spiders, snakes, cockroach, bugs, and so on.

  • A phobia is an irrational fear, the experience of which can produce an irrational ‘panic attack’ response - such as pulling your hair out - or a more major response where multiple body systems are involved.
  • The word ‘phobia’ originates from ‘Phobos’, who was the Greek god of Fear. Although there are countless definitions of phobias, the most common one defines a phobia as ‘a fear of a fear’.
  • Many clients come to me with longstanding phobias, and these are very common. One in nine people have a phobia of some sort (more than eleven per cent of the population). Also, one in twenty people have panic attacks at some stage in their lives, often triggered by a phobia.
  • On the other hand, Hypnosis eliminates or alleviates the phobia completely. As an example, the London Zoo runs a course in eliminating fear of spiders, led by a qualified hypnotist. The successful participants have the pleasure of ending up in the invertebrate section, stroking spiders!
  • My experience demonstrates that hypnotherapy really does have an excellent and proven record at successfully treating phobias, and many clients come for hypnotherapy to help them with irrational fears and phobias that can be severely debilitating.

Hypnotherapy treatments concerning eliminating phobias are systematic and effective. These problems can range all the way from simple ‘hang-ups’ to a particular fear that strongly affects your life – and to a full-scale phobia that may become a severe mental disorder. These phobias may originate during a child’s early years where the immature mind fails to comprehend situations that may have caused the trauma.

Under hypnotic induction, I will place you in an extremely relaxed condition – one where your subconscious mind is open to positive affirmations concerning the focus of your fear - and take you back to the time where your particular phobia was implanted. Under my guidance, we will attempt to uncover the root cause of your particular fears, and eliminate them entirely.

There are many ways of dealing with phobias through hypnotherapy. Phobias and fears affect your normal way of life which causes shame, fear and anxiety day by day.

Enduring phobias and fears need not be lifelong experience - and hypnotherapy is a highly effective way of treating the problem at its source.

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