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Reiki Healing Courses

Reiki Energy Healing and Intuitive Healing Courses

Reiki is pure white, universal light energy which flows from the hands of a Reiki practitioner. It has many health benefits on all of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes. It is known to release harmful blockages in the chakras, creating less stress and more well-being. Although many miraculous cases of the disappearance of diseases have occurred with Reiki, it is most highly recognized as a complementary medicine and excellent for reducing side effects of medical treatment.

Reiki is an energy healing art and holistic medical practice that has been recognized by the UN Health as a complementary and alternative medicine. In Australia, it is presently a treatment covered by health benefits of over 30 insurance companies. In other countries in Europe this procedure has also started and many health insurances in Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, etc have taken Reiki treatments into their policies.

Reiki is a proven technique. It is now used at many hospitals in Portugal, also in England, also in hospice centres for reducing side effects of chemotherapy and medical treatment. Doctors in Taiwan have proven the effectiveness of Reiki using an instrument that measures energy called the 3-D MRA. They have shown that every organ in the body receives a 15% detoxification from a one hour Reiki treatment, which is the optimum percentage – any more detox than 15% would be too drastic.

Reiki is a technique for activating and restoring the life-force energy within and around the body. Reiki is a consistent method for relieving and reducing stress, tension and hypertension. It releases the congested energy produced in day to day activities in a pleasant gentle manner, preventing the deepening of tension in the body and mind. Tension and hypertension are associated with disease, illness and crisis.

Reiki is not only the transmission of energy but also the transference of knowledge. The transmission is done by means of invocation, but the transference is made by the Master’s own knowledge of the Divine and Universal Law and by their ability to be deeply connected to the Reiki within them when the initiation takes place. This is a reason to choose your teacher very wisely. Another reason is the energy that the Master teacher has access to as it depends on what level of energy he/she was given by their teachers, how many.people were treated and what illnesses were treated too as the guides add themselves to the practitioner according to their needs. So practitioners increase their energy levels and ability to heal different illnesses by getting different guides for the different illnesses they treat.

For the initiation process of a student, preparation of the Master is as essential as is the student's. The technique for transmission of energy involves the Usui symbols to call forth and activate the various levels of consciousness to which they pertain. Symbols are keys to unlock energy of a particular vibration that is utilized in a specific way, enabling the Reiki supply to be accessed.

It has been proven that learning Reiki strengthens the immune system. Reiki energy is available for the rest of your life once you are attuned correctly to access the Reiki energy by a fully qualified Reiki Master Teacher.

I travelled to Thailand to pursue the best complete Reiki Training available including the guarantee of highest energy levels after the powerful attunements given.

I must say I had many treatments with many different therapists in the UK and never had felt this level of energy before. These attunements expand your chakras and your auras so that all your senses are significantly heightened. This is because the attunements of a teacher reflect his/her own development in energy levels after having performed the highest number of treatments possible on different clients with different ailments.

Many Reiki schools disregard the need of practising on at least ten clients and evolving spiritually  and energetically about two months to be entitled to do Reiki II. They actually teach Reiki Level I and II, and some of them even Reiki III in just one weekend and many teachers offer even “distance attunements” over the Internet. Between Reiki II and III there should be a hands-on practice on at least 30 clients and an evolvement time of six months.

Heloisa knows that to master the Reiki energy and self-growth, a prerequisite to be a Reiki Healer with integrity, investing time and training is a paramount. It’s a gratifying and very rewarding spiritual journey, one of the most valuable and rich experiences one can have in life.

The whole experience – the high level attunements are so invaluable that my aim now is to make this opportunity available - not only in Leeds but also in the countries where I still have my roots - to anyone who is interested in personally developing spiritually, or also for career purposes at a later stage.

Whether for personal or professional purposes this is the dream state of mind that anyone would like to get quickly into and doesn’t always find the right path. From personal experience, I can say that you will significantly grow in the shortest time possible. The possibilities are endless and really promising career wise as well as it fills you with an incredible self-confidence that is worth each penny invested.

  • Reiki Level I

2-day Course

Four Attunements

With Heloisa Stephan

“I help people to change their lives, patterns and heal them from within, and whilst they grow, I grow with them.

Course Contents

Outcome of the Reiki Course

What is Reiki.

History and future of Reiki.

Understanding the differences between other energy systems of treatment and their differences.

Psychotherapy effects of Reiki treatments.

Emotional effects of Reiki treatments.

Physical effects of Reiki treatments.

Spiritual effects of Reiki treatments.

Learning the hand positions and why.

Using other senses other than the general five or intuitiveness.

Receive four attunements to open your Reiki channels.

Receive and give two full treatments.

Do a treatment on yourself.

Feeling Reiki energy flow and stop.

Basic understanding of chakras, or energy centres and esoteric knowledge.

Increased sense of inner peace and tranquillity.

Higher level of vitality.

Reduction of anxiety.

Better and deeper sleep.

Reduction of aches and pains.

Reduction of side effects of any medications or medical therapies.

In creased sense of joy for life.

Significantly higher sense of intuition and energy sensitivity.

The more you practise, the more psychic you become.

Ability to use clairvoyance to see blockages or past-live issues on yourself and others.

Increased organs detoxification.

Ability to heal yourself physically, others, animals and plants.

The ability to help others, feel and receive all the same benefits mentioned above.

What is this course about?

What can you do with it

History, background, facts and future of Reiki.

This practical course is to learn how to perform treatments on yourself and others.

You learn by performing treatments when the energy starts and stops flowing.

You learn to channel the energy and be an observer of this energy trusting your intuition or healing guidance.

Treat yourself, friends, family, pets, or plants.

Reiki is very useful when you practise a different healing modality as it gives you protection.

Reiki will make you more sensitive to energy and the flow of energy.

Reiki I is a prerequisite or recommended when doing courses as Crystal healing and Psychometry.

Why should you do Reiki?

How is the course delivered?

Once you are attuned to Reiki, this is for life.

Learn this safe, gentle, yet powerful, healing method for yourself and people around you.

It is recommended for healers of other disciplines as it adds energy for protection.

It's beneficial for anyone who works helping people as you can replenish your own energy when depleted. Also, you can work additionally as a self-employed healer and help others.

I ask students for utmost efforts so that the sense of accomplishment at the end is natural and well deserved.

In return students can expect that I facilitate, measure and ensure the imminent students’ successful results – a rewarding outcome for all involved.

The theoretical and practical training is delivered in a 2-day course.

Comprehensive manual with all information to discuss.

After completion a certificate is issued.

Max 8 people in one group

Where and when is the course?

Clinical Hypnotherapy Centre, Leeds, as above.

Venue Provider: Heloisa Stephan.

Course days start at 10am – 5pm or up to 10pm to accommodate all needs.

Tea, coffee and water provided.

Supermarkets, small restaurants and takeaways next to the venue.

What is the investment for this course?

£130 plus VAT

We ask you to make a non-refundable but transferable £50 deposit and prepayment after confirmation.

Payments cash, via Paypal or iZettle secure payment facilities. If iZettle via your phone or by credit card, please ask me for details.

About Your Teacher

Heloisa Stephan is Brazilian, linguist, mother of three adult girls and resides in Leeds.

She is a Clinical and Spiritual Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and EFT Practitioner and also offers other holistic treatments eg. Fast Track Therapy Magnet Healing, Spiritual Healing, Matrix Reimprinting, Crystal Healing, Meditation, Healing Courses and Workshops.

Heloisa is also a priestess of the Gnostic Movement in England.

Through lifelong meditation Heloisa is a powerful intuitive therapist.

With the attunements she guarantees the highest level of energy flow as standard after each Reiki Level, especially when accomplished the Master course.

The teaching method ensures clear competency standards currently not in practice by many practitioners of this powerful, yet soft, non-intrusive, healing art.

Additionally, Heloisa stands out as a teacher due to her ability to see what the student visualises in her/his own mind, and can assess the student's learning curve, and give guidance for the student's course progress and development.

Also, Heloisa can assess the students' development or teachers' competency level by the number of their available guides, as well as the level of energy being channelled through their hands.

For the courses Psychometry, Crystal Healing and Pendulum the recommendation is to be trained level I in Reiki first. If trained in Reiki elsewhere, Heloisa needs to assess the standard of Reiki students are in.

Heloisa can see and assess the chakras to blockages and give exact timelines as in month and year and the source of the congestion.

At present, Heloisa offers training in a wide range of holistic healing subjects as Reiki, Developing Psychic Awareness, Transcending Entities and Self-Protection, Psychometry, How to See the Aura, Pendulum Diagnosis, Crystal healing as well as many different Healing Workshops where she combines all of her holistic healing techniques to ensure a powerful, effective, complete healing result.

There are some prerequisites for some of the courses. For Crystal Healing and Psychometry you need Reiki I level. For Pendulum Diagnosis, Reiki II is needed and for Transcending Entities Reiki Level III due to safety reasons.

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