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Matrix Reimprinting

What is Matrix Reimprinting?

Quantum physicists have helped us to understand that we are all comprised of energy, and that we are all connected by a unified energy field.

  • The field or matrix is all around us, and connects us to our past.

  • Due to the fact that we hold our specific traumas and stressful life experiences in this matrix,

  • they influence our every thought pattern, behaviour and action.

Matrix Reimprinting (MR) has evolved from EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), utilising the Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian system that has been used in acupuncture for thousands of years. The MR technique works to enhance traditional EFT, and not replace it.

The way that EFT works is that clients bring to mind - and verbalise - any issue that they want to work with. At the same time, they finger tap points on their meridian pathway. This releases stress and trauma concerned with the issue from the body’s energy system, allowing the body-mind to return to a healthy physical and emotional state.

  • How does MR differ from EFT?

  • Well, with MR the memory is actually transformed.

  • Clients can go into any past memory, in order to recreate and transform the picture they have of that memory.

  • In standard EFT we bring the emotional impact of old memories to a neutral point, while in matrix Reimprinting we exchange the negatively charged memories into a new, positive, healed ones.

In MR we see these past negative memories being held as pictures or holograms in the human body-field. MR is noted for its ability to quickly transform the client relationship to their past, creating shifts in their emotional and physical well-being in the present.

We hold in our body-fields the stressful life events that have gone before, not just as memories but as specific energy bodies – and which Karl Dawson has named Energetic Consciousness Holograms or ECHOs.

Until these memories (or ‘echos’) are transformed, clients keep tuning into them on a subconscious level – and they can affect client health and their point of attraction. Changing the pictures creates both physical and emotional healing, and enables the attraction of more positive experiences into your life.

By tapping on the meridians of the body at the same time (which is where EFT comes in) the process is accelerated. These techniques change a client’s relationship to the past and dramatically transform their physical and emotional health in the present.

  • From a quantum physics point of view, the client always has an infinite number of possible pasts or futures -

  • and MR simply tunes them into ones that are more resourceful,

  • whilst releasing the stress and trauma that they hold in their mind and body-fields.

This energy field was originally referred to as the 'Matrix' by Max Planck in 1944. In more recent years Lynne McTaggart has referred to it simply as 'The Field,' Greg Braden has talked of the 'Divine Matrix,' whilst Rupert Sheldrake has talked of 'Morphic Fields.' MR also goes hand in hand with other healing modalities. In a therapeutic practise it can be integrated to help clients resolve stress and trauma quickly and effectively.

  • Matrix Reimprinting is a very powerful way of using EFT to re-imprint new healthy feelings and resources into this void left by releasing past events. Whereas in standard EFT use, trauma and disempowering beliefs are released from events and experiences, MR goes further and ensures that the client is also given new resources to help them move into their futures.

When a client tries to remember the original event, not only will they have resolved all their emotional intensity around the issue - but they also have the new images that they created in their memory. These images affect human physiology and psychology on every level. By changing memories in this way, clients interact with what they hold in their field, which in turn affects their health and well-being in their current reality.

After the emotional intensity has been resolved, the therapist will encourage the client to imagine taking their new ‘ECHO’ to a safe and comfortable place of their choosing such as the beach or a sunny field - allowing them to experience new and positive emotions in the situation.

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